Life in Afghanistan

Posted by Site on August 31st, 2010

I met Tegan Godfrey in Shreveport LA. He was working at the venue we played at called The Collective. I asked him for ride to the hotel and I noticed his military uniform in the back of his car. We started talking about his life in the Air Force as an engineer and the work he’s doing in Afghanistan. As an engineer, he’s sent in to fix the the city…to redo plumbing and rebuild areas that have been destroyed. I never thought about that part of the war and that there are soldiers that handle those things on our side. Although he’s not on the front lines, he’s still in danger at all times, living in an area that is constantly under attack. Tegan ended up spending the whole day showing us around Shreveport and giving us a tour of the Air Force base. It was a very special day on our summer tour, one I’ll never forget. Tegan is now a friend of mine and he drove down to our Dallas show last week. He shared a poem he wrote that was inspired by the Rooney song “Stars and Stripes.” Here is his poem:

Built up by intelligent design
Thought up by brilliant minds
Constructed tough brick by brick
But labored on by old an sick

The tragedies this world hides
are awful and horrific rides
Twisting through tremendous grim
With scornful hate and tumescent sin

So let us unite and unveil
Lets tip the weight of evil scale
Break the bounds of villainous ways
and bring about the peaceful days

He will be heading over to the war in Afghanistan at the end of September. If you’re interested in following Tegan’s life in Afghanistan, I will be sharing his messages on my twitter account, @rcschwartzman.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    This is a really amazing story, and a great poem. I will pray that Mr. Tegan Godfrey is safe as he helps rebuild Afghanistan. Good luck to him! And Thank you to men and women all over just like him, risking their lives for a greater good. Thank you too, Robert, for sharing stories like this. It’s truly a heart warming story, and it gives me hope.

  2. Mark Schwartzel says:


    Thanks for sharing about this unsung hero. There are many in the military who do the behind the scenes work similar to your friend and they risk just as much as the combat front line guys. Great you shared about your new found friend… Looking forward to following his story.

    (Brando’s Pop)

  3. Joelle says:

    I’m supposed to be finding poetry for a class I’m taking & havn’t found much lately. For whatever reason I decided to go to Tegan’s poem struck a chord w/ me & is going to be in the collection. Thanks:)

  4. Aiuola says:

    About Tegan’s poem
    Let us continue to vote for governments tolerant, open to dialogue, and let them take decisions about war, while we continue to work for peace around us, in families, schools, work places, considering the war as the most painful and unjust instrument to conflict resolution. Because the war does not look at the faces of children, of innocents, of those who love life, their land, their family.
    There is no peace for the victims of war. No losers and not winners. In front of pain and death we are all the same. We should be careful showing our sympathy for a military Intervention for peace and justice in the world, if the victims of this intervention are unjustly civilians, or if we never tried to think or search other options but the war. Only through tolerance and dialogue you can create stable perspectives of peace. The intolerance creates barriers, alienation, conflicts.
    Although sometimes the War is inevitable, it should be the last solution, after to have considered and worked with all possibilities resolving conflicts peacefully. Cooperating for peaceful resolution of conflicts in the world it means saving the life of many innocents and save the planet from the atomic bomb. We should take as good example the great sensitivity of John Kennedy and Khrushchev, Presidents of two enemy nations that in the conflict of Cuba have cooperated until the last moment to avoid a nuclear war.

  5. Lanny says:

    Your friends are our friends,
    Wish him happy.

  6. Was at the Dallas show when Tegan read his poem. It’s always so cool to see how music inspires others. His poem was great, perfect intro to “Stars and Stripes” that night and made me find new respect for a song I only kind of liked up to that point.

    Best wishes and safe travels, Tegan!


  7. Iliana says:

    Thank you for posting this. Please do let us know on your twitter what is going on with Tegan! I will pray for him and all the soldiers out there risking their lives for us. That was a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it!


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