New photos were posted in the road photo section.

Posted by Site on March 29th, 2011

These photos were taken on our last German tour. Sorry for the delay in posting…I’ve been really busy riding my bicycle. Enjoy!



2 Responses to “New photos were posted in the road photo section.”
  1. aiuola says:

    hi Ned thank you that sometimes you think to put some picture of the band on the site. Quite quiet the forum the last time…Strange..Can you change the background please?I dont’t like the black also because i get problem with my eyes..i found the background with the Wild one poster much better.. Enjoy the Spring. See you in Heidelberg

  2. BeatrizCV says:

    Ok, it is funny! Those photos are from October!! Ha,ha,ha I was there! XD But I posted my photos one week after :P Well, I´m looking forward to see you again in May :D

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